Sunday, 25 January 2015

Army Ponies

Collectors don't generally refer to their collections as armies (although they can number into the hundreds).  But many collectors amass different examples of a certain character, and these sub-collections are generally referred to as armies.

My first army is my Peachy/Snuzzle army (currently rather heavy on the Peachys).  I chose Snuzzle as my army pony because she was the favourite childhood pony that I never had.  I remember being fascinated by pictures of her in pamphlets. I loved her name.  I loved her colours.  I never saw her in the store, and I never ordered her through the mail order program.  I did have a Peachy, who I was very fond of, and I imagined them twins.  Later, as I discovered Nirvana ponies, I was excited by the number of varients there were, and how many of them looked extremely different from the North American versions.
North American Snuzzle, North American Peachy, Greek Peachy, Italian Peachy, Dollymix Snuzzle, and Prototype Peachy
This Snuzzle was a gift from Roomy and my other very close friends one birthday, so she has that added  specialness about her.  My childhood Peachy was a gift from my grandparents, so there are also good memories attached to this character, although I no longer have my childhood version.

My second army began by accident.  I don't normally collect different versions of the same character, preferring to choose one example to keep.  However, I've found choosing between versions of Princess Twilight Sparkle to be rather difficult.  I blame the rainbow-themes of the last few waves of ponies for this, since it allows for quite a bit of interesting variation in the re-releases of the mane six ponies.
I'm going to need more crowns
This second army is a bit odd.  I wasn't a huge fan of Twilight becoming a princess in the cartoon (I've never been a huge fan of princess ponies, even as a kid in the 80s).  I acquired my first Princess Twilight only because there was enough difference between her and original Twilight for me to consider them as separate characters.  Then I got a castle, who came with a Princess who flapped her wings (not pictured above).  Then I got another castle, with another Princess.  Then I got a double pack in order to get the Breezie pony.  Then I had 4 Princesses and I couldn't decide between them.  And then, Roomy suggested that I could consider keeping all of them, a whole new world opened up, and I began looking for versions I'd missed.  I must be sure not to do this with the other mane six ponies, or shelf space is really going to become a serious problem.


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  1. I'm very new to MLP and got into it via FiM. I just got my first two ponies--the Styling Strands versions of Rarity and Fluttershy--as Valentines gifts from my boyfriend. I'm not too interested in amassing armies of most characters, but I love Fluttershy and Rarity and they will likely be my exceptions. I know I'll already have two of each, since I need normal 3 inch versions of them, then I'll want the TRU ponymania ones, and there will be POP versions, since I like the POP ponies. I'm kinda pre-destined for those two to have little shrines / armies, I think. ;)

    Anyway, your Peachy / Snuzzle and Twilight Sparkle are pretty cool. :) I do feel for you with the mane six and shelf space, though. That's my biggest limiting factor: where I'm gonna put all these ponies. :) Have a nice day!