Friday, 16 January 2015

MGR Original Six

I've been dying to share these customs, but had to wait until after the holidays, since one of them was a gift.  Although I've done several customs based on Hasbro ponies, I often make some kind of change or alteration to my customs so that I don't lose interest in the project.  I've been a great fan of MGR ponies for years, and also of the earliest G1 ponies, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before I did a mash up of the two.
 All six of these are Happy Meal ponies.  The manes, elements of the tails, and their MGR blankets are all sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt.
They have all had jewels added as well, that match either their colour scheme or their original ribbon colours.  The blanket designs are based on the later Hasbro MGR pony designs, utilizing the original six symbols.
All have been fully hand-painted and sealed, and had blush added.
Snuzzle is staying with me as part of my army, and Minty was a Solstice gift.  The others will be going to the Fair in June to hopefully find new homes.

Cotton Candy:
Blue Belle:

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  1. They're all lovely, but Butterscotch is especially stunning. Her colors work so beautifully for this. Well done! :)