Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sonic and My Little Dalek

Who's a cute little Dalek?
Seeing as my one Doctor Who custom sold in about 20 minutes last year, I figured I'd better make another this year.  And why not?  Who doesn't love the Doctor?

The pony this time is Sonic.  She's TARDIS blue, with silver hair, and a sonic screwdriver as her symbol.  You may notice she looks a little worried.  Well, she is being followed around by a tiny Dalek, wouldn't you be concerned?  Think carefully about that, if you take her home, her pet Dalek comes too!
Sonic has been fully repainted and sealed and rehaired in Raincloud nylon hair.  Her tiny Dalek is made of Fimo and wire, with a core of tinfoil.  They will both be for sale at Geek Market in October.


Monday, 23 September 2013


Alright folks, over the next few weeks I'll be showing off the customs I've completed for Geek Market (actually, I've got more customs than weeks, so you'll be seeing some of them after Geek Market too.)  I decided to start off with my X-men themed pony.
Storm was made from a blank pony.  Her costume is completely painted on.  I chose to portray Storm from the 80s, when she was leading the team, had a kick-ass costume, and a mohawk.  That's my favourite Storm.
Storm has her original hair.  She has been fully repainted.  Her symbol is a silver lightning bolt on each hip.  Her eyes are pearlized.
Storm will be for sale at Ottawa Geek Market in October.


Friday, 13 September 2013

More WIP pics

This week, a few more pictures of WIP for Ottawa Geek Market.  Since the geeky custom ponies sold so well (and quickly!) last year, I'm hoping to arrive with several more in tow for this year.  I've got so much rehairing in front of me, though.
"Who" might this be?
My little Dalek?
Geeks and Gamer Ponies

Friday, 6 September 2013

Works in Progress

Last weekend being a long one, and me being alone in the house (with five cats), I got quite a bit of customizing done.  These are all works in progress (WIP) for Ottawa Geek Market in October.  I must say, I'm quite happy with the progress and I may actually get all 12 customs I have planned done in time.
So many full body repaints...
So far I'm working on 9 customs all at the same time.  There are three others I'd like to do before the event, if I have time.  Most of them are G4 so far, but there will be a few G3 as well.  The three I haven't started yet will also be G3 if I get to them in time.  Since the FBRs have gone so well, I'm hopeful everyone will get done, but it will depend on how the rehairing goes too.
Can you guess who I will be?