Friday, 25 October 2013

Ponies and octopi

These two pink ponies carry their pets with them everywhere they go.
Both ponies started as Pinkie Pies.  Their original hair was dyed, Burgundy completely and Sparkle in a gradient.  Their eyes were repainted and freckles were added to Burgundy.  And they were given little octopus friends.  Because...octopi are adorable!
Sparkle and Swirly are always on the lookout for adventure.
Burgundy and Inky love to take in the sights around Ponyville.
The octopi are made of Fimo and Sculpey, two colours swirled together, one of them glittery.  Their eyes are seed beads.  The octopi were formed and positioned on the ponies, and then baked into place, they don't come off.  But why would they want to?  They have a great time riding around with their pony friends.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Pac Man

Another shout out to a classic arcade game.  Last year I had a Chibi Pac Man Pony, this year it's a full sized brushable.
She's had a full body repaint.  Her hair is nylon in Pac Man yellow and the four ghost colours.  And she's got a full Pac Man board as her symbol.  I've done my best to photograph her, but I'm afraid you'll have to come see her in person to get the full effect.
Hope to see you at Geek Market this weekend!


Friday, 11 October 2013

May the Force be with you

But are you chosing the Light or the Dark side?  With this pony, you get both.
Duel has a dual personality.  Her tan half represents the Rebel Alliance and the Light side, while her black half represents the Empire and the Dark side.
Duel has been fully repainted.  She does have her original MLP nylon hair and tinsel, however.  If you take her home, which side will you chose to display?


Friday, 4 October 2013

Space Invaders!

If you're about to defend the earth from alien invaders, you'd better have this pony on your side.
Space Invaders pays homage to the classic arcade game.  She's had a full body repaint, and her symbol is a little green alien from the game.  Her hair is Frivilous polypropelene (a bit different texture than the nylon I usually use, but what a great colour.)
Spoiler alert: You'll get a better look at her best friend in a couple of weeks.