Friday, 2 November 2018

Problem Areas

The Geek Cave re-arrange has been on hold for a bit , because we've had other things on the go.  It's when things stall out that I find it hard to go back to work.  When things stall out, that's when you have time to see the problem areas.
Floor space?
For example: the floor.  This pile of stuff is partly things that were hidden under the display table, partly new things that don't have a place to live yet, and partly things that haven't been put in their place yet.  New shelves and a new display space (hopefully coming soon) will help with that.
Con Ponies, Princesses, and Pinkies
There are also some display spaces that I haven't sorted out yet.  I don't have a lot of these oversize ponies, but the ones that I do have could do with some better organization.  I have no idea where or how that's going to happen, however (or when).
There appears to have been a struggle
Finally, I have yet to finish organizing the G4 section of the modern side.  There's really no reason why this shouldn't already be done, other than I've just not been motivated to do it.  Not having the floor space to get near it probably doesn't help either.

So that's the current state of the Geek Cave, and also the areas that I don't have a good plan for yet.  I still have planning to do before the Cave gets closer to "done."


Friday, 19 October 2018

Pony Merch

Although there is a plethora of MLP officially licensed merchandise out there (all of it completely wonderful), I don't collect much of it.  I don't have room for everything, and my preference is to focus on the ponies.  For that reason I've limited the merch I collect mainly to stationary, stickers, miniatures, and party supplies (flat and small items).
I'm still sorting out how I'm going to display most of this stuff.  However, I've recently organized the merch so at least I have things together and know what I have.  I've been slowly taking pictures of items as well, to add to my flicker account and track what I've got.  Some of these items will be displayed on shelves, while some will be stored in books and binders for safe keeping.

Friday, 5 October 2018

G3s on the move

The G3s are an interesting part of my collection, in that they're the only part that can be said to be as close as makes no difference to being complete.  As such, they're also the only part of the collection that I can pretty well determine how much space I need for display.

2 Billy Bookcases = G3 space for all!
The G3s are now installed on the Modern side of the Geek Cave, and with any luck they'll be staying there.  I think I should have the space for the last few G3s on my want list, whenever I get them.

The G3s are not going to expand much more, but they're also not likely to shrink much.  I've gone through my collection previously, and having moved everything again recently, I've confirmed that I'm still happy with the majority of the ponies I have.  I think it's good to review your collection from time to time to ensure that you're still happy with what you have, because if you're not, why are you holding onto those pieces?  I've decided to let go of a very few G3s at this time, ponies that I don't have a strong affection for anymore.  This kind of ebb and flow is natural in a collector's life.

The Geek Cave is really coming together now, but there's more work to be done!


Friday, 21 September 2018

An SSC Custom Rehair

An intermission between Geek Cave posts.

When I started collecting Shortcakes, I approached it in the same way I'd done with Ponies, starting with vintage.  For awhile I thought I would also collect the Bandai Shortcakes, but I soon changed my mind.  However, I did acquire one mini Bandai Shortcake with her accessories.

The Bandai dolls, although cute, unfortunately have horrible rotting hair and a tendency toward baldness.  Since I was rehairing anyway, I decided to use this tiny doll as an experiment for my first yarn rehair.

My little Rainbowberry doll was rehaired in rainbow yarn.  I must say that I was surprised at how easy the yarn was to work with, and I'm thrilled with how she turned out.  I'm looking forward to doing some additional yarn rehairs in the future.


Friday, 7 September 2018

On the Move! The G4 space gets condensed

Inching ever onward toward a sustainable Geek Cave, one must consider the space to pony ratio.  My plan to split the Cave into vintage and modern sides will result in quite a drastic adjustment on the modern side.  Although the G4 portion of the collection is still growing, the ponies themselves are the smallest in the 4 generations.  The G3 portion, while being very close to complete, also requires more display space.  Therefore, the G4 space needs to condense.

It started with castle hacking, and continued with a relocation of Ponyville.  The majority of the G4 playsets have now moved from taking up more than two full-sized Billy bookshelves (shameless and unsolicited Ikea plug - the Billy may be the ultimate collector's shelving system, unless you can custom build your own) to half that space.  Naturally, I am also keeping some extra space free and clear for the inevitable G4 expansion.

I'm extremely happy to say that all three Canterlot-style castles are now living together on top of the half-Billys.  I love how this is now looking like a cohesive design, and that I can easily reach the entire display space.  Rarity's boutique fits cozily under the shelf extension, and makes a nice transition between Canterlot and Ponyville.

The majority of the Ponyville sets have relocated to the half-Billys, where they display nicely above Seaquestria.  The Princess Army is currently living in the space as well, but that is likely to change later on.

The Shortcakes were living in this space previously, and they are on the move to the vintage side of the room.  The few modern Shortcakes I have are still hanging out below the Princess Army for the time being, with a decision on those coming at a later date.

Further developments coming soon!


Friday, 24 August 2018

Castle Hack!

Some of you may recall that I have a great weakness for castles.  However, I also have a problem.  It's this:

It actually doesn't look quite as big in this picture.  The picture lies.  IT'S HUGE!

As I said in a previous blog post, I haven't been happy with the G4 section of the Geek Cave for a while now, and it's partially to do with the castles.  In theory, I should be able to display all my G4 ponies within the playsets.  In practice, the playsets take up a lot of space, both horizontally and vertically.  This limits my choices as to where and how to place them on the shelves.  Finally, in the summer of 2018, I got fed up with this limitation.  It's time to hack some playsets.

That giant castle above was the first step.  In particular, I didn't like that the Seaquestria portion took up so much prime real estate when the number of sea ponies to display would be so few.  I soon realized that if I could separate the Canterlot and the Seaquestria portions, it would fit easily on two separate shelves, giving me more options for display.  After we realized that this hack would work, we went to town on redesigning Canterlot, the Crystal Empire, and Ponyville.

Twilight's Castle has some lovely features, but the rainbow slide wasn't one of them.  I removed that quite awhile ago (and recently added the staircase from the wedding castle), and instead joined it to the earlier, smaller Twilight's Castle, making a more interesting picture (and a lovely venue for the Reformed Villain's Support Group).

The Crystal Empire is a lovely display piece, but not actually a great play piece (IMO).  It's also tall, and mainly one large lump of crystal.  Still, there was an option to hack it, taking the taller spires off (displaying them nearby) and re-purposing Flurry Heart's swing into a mini throne.  It's not an ideal situation, but it does mean that the set can fit where I need it to.

With this work I feel that I'm getting closer to the Geek Cave I desire (as well as the Geek Cave I need).


Friday, 10 August 2018

2018 Canadian Collectors Extravaganza

Last weekend was the inaugural Canadian Collectors Extravaganza.  A small but enthusiastic group of Collectors from three different countries got together in Montreal to celebrate all things pony.

This was a one-day con with dealers, contests, and a special guest:

Giant Sundance
It was great to see some old Pony friends again, as well as making some new friends.  I forgot to take many pictures, as I was too busy chatting with people and taking part in the trivia and paint-a-pony contests.  And shopping, of course.

Paint-a-Pony in 30 Minutes Contest
Megan and TJ came out again to be my custom contest entries at the event, and they won!
I really enjoyed attending the smaller conventions this year.  Both the Fair and the Extravaganza were, in different ways, reminiscent of the pony meets of years past, where collectors got together to spend the weekend geeking out and hanging out with friends they might only see once a year.  Personally, I prefer these more intimate conventions to a larger, more impersonal con.  It makes for a more fun weekend.

Our Booth
You can see more pictures here.  Can't wait until next year!