Saturday, 29 June 2013

What time is it?

Pony Fair preparation time!!!
Pony luggage!
It's actually been prep time for awhile now, but we're down to the wire now.  The Fair is only a week away and we're all into excitement/panic mode!

I will be sharing booth space with Stormrave this year, and of course Roomy is coming along as well to sell the ponies and generally keep us collectors in line (i.e., make sure we remember to eat between activities.)
So many accessories!
There's still lots to do before we head off next Thursday.  The cat/house sitter has been arranged but that's about all that's ready so far.  There are still ponies to pack, accessories to pack, customs to finish (my contest entry STILL isn't done!  But more on that in next week's post.)

This year's Fair is even more exciting than usual, as for the first year there is a Hall of Fame dinner on the Friday night.  And Bonnie Zacherle, the creater of MLP will be attending again this year.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again and getting her autograph.  It's also always great to see all my collector friends who I only get to see once a year.  It's like going to summer camp, but with Ponies, so that makes it even better.
I've still got all this to organize!!
Less than a week to go!  I can't wait!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Sharing the Pony Room

When we moved, we decided that Roomy and I would actually share the Pony Room.  Along with the Ponies it would house Roomy's She-Ra and MOTU collection.  We're calling it the Geek Cave.
A small part of Roomy's She-Ra collection
Roomy setting up her brand new Crystal Castle
The room is still 90% Ponies, however.  I definitely have the larger collection of the two.  Although Roomy is expecting to add a giant castle to her collection in November...we may have to negotiate on space at that point...:P
"What do you mean negotiate?"
Seriously though, negotiation is an important part of any collector's life.  If you live with another collector, you have to figure out how your two (or more) collections are going to share space.  Who gets the prime display space?  Do you rotate what's on display or does everybody get their own little piece of real estate?  Setting down the "rules" early on will be key to avoiding disagreements later.

If you live with a non-collector, negotiation becomes even more important.  People generally like to hear a little bit about something you're passionate about - they don't necessarily want to hear a 3 hour discussion on the minute details of Pony variants.  This is even more true of living with your collection.  A non-collector might be supportive, but they won't necessarily want to see Ponies in every room of the house, every day, in every little nook and cranny.  Keeping the goodwill of your non-collector cohabitant by having frank discussions about space and expectations (on both sides) and sticking to those decisions will keep the three of you (collector, non-collector, and collection) living happily together for years to come.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Build A Pony

This post is rather late to the game, but since the Ponies arrived at BAB while I was on hiatus, I'm just getting to posting now.  I've been wanting to Build a Bear for ages now, but I've held off because I have limited space for plushies.  However, when they're offering plush Ponies, how am I going to say no to that?

And because I have a serious weakness for plushies, I got both Pinkie and Rainbow Dash.  I couldn't help myself, they were far too cute and well made to pass up.

Also, my Pinkie Pie has roller skates.  Because, Pinkie Pie!  On roller skates!


Friday, 7 June 2013

Pony Room Org

It begins.

I've started moving around the shelving and sorting out where things will go.  A few of the Ponies have made their way onto shelves too.

The smaller shelves will house Ponies.  The larger ones will house playsets.  I'll have a small table in the centre of the room that will act as a display space and showcase certain playsets at certain times.

There's a ways to go before we get to that stage, though.