Sunday, 1 February 2015

Curating Your Collection - When to Update Your Wishlist

A few days ago a friend of Roomy's contacted her saying he had some G1 ponies for sale and asking if I was interested.  Naturally, I took a look, and then asked for prices and better pictures of a few.  Roomy, looking over my shoulder, says, "so...seaponies, eh?"

Roomy doesn't usually question my buying habits (unless it's "why aren't you buying this?"), but in this case she had a point.  I have gone on record several times that I did not want sea ponies in my herd.  So why am I looking at sea ponies now?  What make a collector change her mind?
I learned long ago that building a collection is an ever-changing project.  You start out thinking "I really don't like the look of 3-D symbols" and you go along for years avoiding ponies with them.  But then, one day, you see one in person and there's something about that particular pony that makes you change your mind.  Maybe it's the way her hair is styled, maybe it's the way the eye paint was applied that makes it look like she's looking over her shoulder, maybe it's something that another collector says about her.  Whatever it is, it makes you look at that pony, and maybe that set, differently.
I've done this several times.  3-D symbols, see-through ponies, "Shady pose," perfume puffs, all were banned from my herd at one time, and all have since found their way in through that one pony with something to recommend them (although I'm still not totally convinced on the perfume puffs).
That's not to say there aren't still things I don't like and don't want (Princess ponies, eyelash princess ponies, ballerina ponies).  I still have no intention of becoming a completest collector.  I'm still curating my collection.  It only means my collecting tastes, like other tastes, have changed over the years.  And that means, it might be time to update my wishlist.



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