Friday, 26 May 2017

Pony Census - Pony Types

Ponies have been counted, but I decided to have a little more fun with my pony census.

It is probably not surprising that Earth Ponies are the most populous in my collection.  They accounted for the majority of types of ponies made in at least the first 3 generations (especially in the G3 era).

The next most populous category are the unicorns, followed closely by the pegasi.  Unicorns have always been my favourite mythical creature, and if Hasbro had made more of them, I would have more in my collection.

A collection of "other" types of ponies comes in next.  This group is made up of sea, flutter, and winger ponies, as well as breezies.

Finally, the alicorn category is the smallest group in the collection, buoyed up mostly by the Twilight Sparkle army.
One more census entry to come.


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pony Census 2017 - Pony Head Count

Who doesn't love a good census?  ...What?

I've recently finished up the cleaning and photographing of the individual G4 ponies (meaning all of the G4s except the army ponies).

I thought that now was as good a time as any to do a head count of the collection.  Then I thought, what the heck, let's have some fun with this and do a Pony Census.

The first portion of the census, as graphed out below, is just the head count.  The breakdown looks something like this:  The G1s are the most populous, with 324 ponies.  G3s are next with 297 ponies.  G4s are just ahead of the G2s, with 79 and 44, respectively.

Normally when I do a pony head count, these are the only ponies I count, because they are the main focus of my collection.  However, this time I decided to include the other, secondary parts of my collection.  Here we have 25 plush (mostly from Build-A-Bear), 41 Large Figures (including 2 My Pretty Ponies, G4 Fashion styles, Talking Celestia Ponies, and recent convention exclusives), 6 Equestria Girls Minis, 171 miniatures (mostly blind bags, but also mommy charms, G1 and G2 McDonalds Happy Meal toys, and a few G3 Ponyvilles), and 2 fakies (a Takara fakie baby and a Princess Luna fakie in the Celestia pose).

For the first time I also counted the Other Creatures that are part of my MLP collection.  These included dragons, bushwoolies, Megan, Discord, and the various pets and other small animals that have come with the ponies.  All of these together came up to 64 creatures.

The final portion of the collection that I counted was the buildings.  Of 34 buildings, 9 are castles.  So many castles...

More to come.