Elfpony's (nearly complete) Wish List

Elfpony's Wish List  -  Last Update July 16, 2016

Short-haired Firefly (upgrade)
Short-haired Medley (upgrade)
Hippity-Hop (upgrade)
SS Twilight (upgrade)
Curly Locks
Lavender Lace
Twinkler (either version)

Pinwheel (upgrade)
SS Ribbon (upgrade)
Bangles (upgrade)

Earth Ponies
Confetti (walking pose - upgrade)
Skippity-Do (and stand)
Party Time (upgrade)
Angel (upgrade)
Bright Eyes
Twisty Tail
Magic Hat
Cranberry Muffins
Raspberry Jam
Caramel Crunch
Dainty Dahlia
Napper (MO green hair version)
Sand Digger (with working, not very dry hair)
Sweet Scoops

BBE Lofty
NB Shaggy
Teeny Tiny Twins Rattles and Tattles
Blue Ribbon
Dancing Butterflies
Milky Way (with blue stripe, not blue forelock)

Moon Jumper
Starry Wings
Hollywood (with dark maroon pick)

Sea Ponies
Sealight (with green shell)
Seawinkle's pink shell
Wavedancer's purple shell
High Tide (with purple shell)
Sand Dollar (with aqua shell)
Sea Breeze (with mint swirl shell)
Sea Mist (with purple swirl shell)
Wave Jumper (with green shell)
Whitecap's pink swirl shell
Backstroke (with aqua/orange fish float)
Sea Shimmer (with pink/green turtle float - pretty 'n pearly version)
Sea Star
Splasher (with green/blue turtle float)
Ripple (with green/pink frog float)
Dipper (with aqua/blue turtle float)
Salty (with yellow/orange lobster float)
Sea Breeze (with pink/purple lobster float)
Sea Spray (green/blue lobster float)
Surfy (blue/purple alligator float)
Wavy's pink/green frog float
Foamy (blue/yellow frog float)
Misty (purple/orange duck float)
Seashore (orange/blue fish float)
Seawinkle (pink/green alligator float)
Wavedancer (yellow/purple lobster float)

Wishful Bushwoolie
Cheery Bushwoolie
Eager Bushwoolie
purple ice cream cone barrette (x2)
pink ice cream cone barrette
yellow sundae barrette (x2)
dark pink lollipop barrette
light pink lollipop barrette
purple lollipop barrette
yellow ice cream cone barrette
pink sundae barrette
light pink sundae barrette
hot pink guitar brush
Satin 'N Lace's garter and ring
Catnip Kitten
Snowball Puppy
Yellow Brandy
Argie Brandy (spot over one eye)
Italian Brandy (only 1 ear coloured)
Other non-US Twinkles cats (any)
Firey Dragon
Smokey Dragon
Spiney Dragon
Prickles Dragon
Flash Dragon
flutter wings (with or without tabs - reproduction wings are fine, but I prefer the ones that match the originals)
original ribbons (any colours - my current pet project is getting original ribbons for my whole G1 herd)
pink/purple twin stroller
multicolour dishes/spoons (any colour)
Euro baby pony stroller with rainbow strap
Other random accessories! (baby pony stuff, playset stuff, ponywear, whatever!)

Pretty Parlour accessories: pink blanket, pink standard comb, yellow hair ribbon
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe accessories: two yellow hearts for lights
Waterfall, curlers, pink handle comb
Sweet Dreams Crib: mobile and stand, yellow blanket, aqua pillow with lace, duck pull toy wiht aqua wheels, white newborn bottle, pink/aqua rattle, lavender/yellow baby necklace
Baby Bonnet School of Dance Playset; tiara
Baby Buggy’s purple ribbon for buggy, pink hair ribbon
Perm Shoppe’s 1 pink towel, 3 large curlers, 3 small curlers
Rock-a-Bye Bed accessories: pillow, sleep mask
Scrub-a-Dub Tub accessories: ducky and star sponge
Kitchen accessories: yellow breakfast bar, pink tray
Schoolhouse accessories: 1 "e" desk leg, eye glasses, skipping rope
Sleepover Party Pack accessories: telephone, record player and record, record sleeve, two magazines, rainbow hop game and spinner, milk, cookies, five nightcaps

Neon Lights: black belt
Hit the Slopes
From the Designer Collection
Pony Holiday: hat and suitcase only
Lights, Camera, Action: boa and shoes only
Rockin' the Night Away
Pageant Queen
Hearts and Candy: only necklace
Academy Award
Sun and Fun: all but adult bikini
Sunday Stroll: both purses and all baby wear
Prima Ballerina: tutus and legwarmers only
Ready for Rainbows: baby boots only
Galaxy Glamour
In the Centre Ring
Milk 'n Cookies: everything but the nightshirt
Jumper and Snowsuit: just the pals and 4 yellow bow shoes
Dragon Suit and Sunsuit: only the dragon suit
Elephant and Party Dress: everything except the dress
Lion suit and Sleepwear: everything but nightcap and slippers
Best of the West
The Tea Party
Country Jamboree
Ice Princesses: everything but Megan's coat
UK Party Time
UK Bedtime
UK Carnival Time

Charms/Dolly Mix Ponies
Curtain Call
Sweet And Special
Pretty Please
True Blue
Charmkins Pony (My Pixie Pony)
Sweet Scoops
Snuzzle McD bookmark
Blossom McD bookmark
Bluebelle McD bookmark
Applejack dollymix
Bluebelle dollymix
Glory dollymix
Minty dollymix

European/Nirvana Ponies
Argie Christmas Pony
Argie Love Melody
Argie Masquerade
Argie Paradise
Argie Peachy (yellow with red hair)
Argie Snuzzle (white with blue hair)
Argie Sugarberry
Argie Baby Posey
Brazil Bow Tie (rainbow)
Brazil Gusty (collector's pose)
Brazil Baby Gusty
Spanish Piggy Fresita (white strawberry symbol)
Spanish Piggy Peachy
Spanish Piggy Snuzzle (Loly Pop)
Spanish Peachy (Cupido - white with blue hair)
Spanish Peachy (peachy with white or pink hair)
Ice Crystal
Baby Candy
Baby Licorice
Love Letter
Bright Eyes
Newborn Stargaze
Newborn Bouncy (giraffe symbol)
Newborn Cuddles (cat symbol)
Newborn Snoozy (duck symbol)
NBBE Gusty
German Nightlight
German Raindrop
German baby Schlummerlein
German Baby Buttons
German baby Hopscotch
Italian Minty (brown/orange with white hair)
Italian Peachy (Polly white with pink hair)
Italian or Macau Snuzzle (Jenny brown with white hair)
Italian Snuzzle (grey with purple hearts)
Italian Sunbeam (rainbow hair variant)
Mexican Peachy
Mexican Snuzzle (Lili Ledy)
Mexican Baby Blossom (pegasus)
Peru Bowtie (unicorn)
Peru Baby Bowtie (unicorn)
Greek Lambaditsa
Greek Ladybird
Greek Sunbeam
Greek Baby Peachy (with good symbols)
Dutch Diary Pony
Dutch School Pony

Ponies and Accessories
Petal Blossom's hat w/ ladybug hair extension
Dainty Dove
Crystal's sorcerer's hat and crystal ball
Magic Diamond Glow
Lady Cupcake's purple treasure chest, gold coin base, rainbow with 2 bluebirds, 4 purple shoes, light purple necklace, light purple crown, pink key, white cape
Star and star cape
Baby Twinkles
Puff and dragon costume
Honey and bunny costume
Teddy and bear costume
Miss Painter's easel with Ivy picture, pallet, paint brush, 3 paint tubes (red, yellow, blue), red neck scarf
Sunshine and Sunny
Rose and Lily
Rumba and Samba
Sweetheart and Trueheart with 2 red lace capes and 2 purple crowns
Polka and Dot with 2 ladybug costumes
Gardener with wheelbarrow, watering can, shovel, broom, rake, sheers, spade, green apron
Nosy and Click with 2 blue caps and camera
Study and Play with 2 plaid skirts, blue book, 1 pair of blue glasses
Baby Fern
Baby Dew

Royal Castle Ballroom (only the playset structure)
Royal Castle accessories: cake and comb, bottom banister piece, 1 flag

Baby Lavender Locket
Silver Rain
Mittens' pink hood
May Lily of the Valley
December Poinsettia
TAF Pony Project
Bubble Bath Time: robe, towel, puff, rubber duckie,bubble bath, 2 curlers

Holly Dash
Brushable-sized Twilight Sparkle crowns (several)
Brazil/Mexico Twilight light up toy
Twilight Ring figure
Twilight Squishy Pop figure

Blind Bags
Wave 2 Pudding Pie
Wave 2 Honeybelle
Wave 3 Golden Harvest
Wave 3 Sprinkle Stripe
Wave 3 Meadow Song
Wave 3 Lovestruck
Wave 3 Apple Dazzle
Wave 6 Electric Sky

Army Ponies
I have two sets of army ponies: Snuzzle/Peachy, and Twilight Sparkle (mostly princess version).  I have pictures of (pretty much) everything I have for them in the album below.  They are pretty close to being fully updated.

Other Interests
I collect all things unicorn.  I also have a rubber ducky collection.  I'm a big Doctor Who fan, and I have a collection of Titan blind box figures - I'm missing only the 8th, War, and 12th Doctors.  I'm a huge hockey fan, and my team is the Maple Leafs.  I customize, so anything I can use toward that is always welcome.

If you read through all of that, you should have a cookie!  :)

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