Saturday, 27 November 2010

Happy Holidays! 2007 at Elfpony's house

My living situation changed in 2007, and there was no space for a Holiday Diorama that year.  But the Holiday Ponies were still out and about, and part of the decoration in our apartment.  Enjoy the pics.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Holiday Display 2006: Christmas Morning In Ponyland

It's Christmas Morning, and all the Ponies are gathering at the Dream Castle to celebrate the season!  Majesty, dressed as the Winter Queen, and Spike greet everyone at the drawbridge.

 Other Ponies are watching out for their friends to arrive.

"Happy Holidays, Mittens!"
"You're Mittens.  I'm Snow'El."

"Hey, I can see my house from here!"
"You live in a huge castle, Rarity, you can see your house from anywhere!"

Some of the Ponies are out playing in the snow...

...while others catch up with old friends and new ones.

 "Don't you dare laugh, Merry Treat.  It was Firefly's idea."

 Families take a moment to enjoy each other's company.

But the Ponies are starting to gather round the tree...and the presents!

But the Breezies are still looking out for Santa.  Maybe no one told them he arrives on Christmas Eve!

Scoops is making sure everything's laid out for the great Feast after the gifts have been opened.  It looks like Little Honey Pie is ready to dig in now!

And she's not the only one who wants a sweet snack to start off the day!

Here's the full Display:


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Holiday Time at Elfpony's House

Hasbro has put out a lot of Christmas-themed Pony stuff over the years.  And craft/dollar stores have put out a lot of miniature Holiday-themed stuff over the years.  It's a match made in heaven.
Back in 2005 I started using all these miniature accessories to indulge in some diorama creation and set up Pony Holiday displays.  This is the first such, and doesn't have any overarching theme other than probably "Christmas Morning" with all the Ponies arriving at the Dream Castle.  I used all the Hasbro Holiday Ponies I owned at the time, as well as a few other favourites.  I also set up the display to be viewed only from the one angle.  This is probably the simplest Holiday display I've ever done.

Now, five years later, I'm getting ready to set up my most complex Holiday Display ever, involving nearly every playset I own, and probably at least 50 Ponies.  I thought I'd celebrate by posting the other displays over the next several weeks leading up to posting this year's Epic Holiday Display!  Stay tuned!


PS: You'll notice I use the terms Holiday and Christmas relatively interchangably.  I'm not Christian, and I don't consider the holiday that I celebrate in December "Christmas."  Therefore, I don't generally use the term Christmas when refering to myself.  Although I don't think my Ponies are Christians either, I will occassionally use the term while describing the displays.  After all, certain phrases such as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" are just a little too iconic not to use.

You'll notice a lot of homemade outfits and accessories in the Holiday Displays.  These were made by myself and several friends, collectors and not.  I thank them for their efforts.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Licks, the KFC Pony

Well, the MLP Fair was held in Kentucky this year, how could I resist?

 Licks was made from a Hasbro Blank White Pony, so she has her original hair.  Her back I painted to look like a picnic blanket (although it's sloppier than I'd have liked -- I tried using a stencil again, probably for the last time.  She's also got a trail of ants crawling up her leg to partake of the picnic.  Her tongue was added with Apoxie Clay.

The KFC buckets and food are all made of papier mache and all hand painted.  I had a KFC flyer beside me while I was mixing the paint to get the colours as close as possible.  Of course, a bucket of chicken isn't enough -- you have to have salads to go with it.  The radioactive-green coleslaw and the potato (or macarroni) salads are included in the picnic.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spanish Rose, an MGR custom

Spanish Rose was created for the 2009 MLP Fair in Las Vegas, and she received an honourable mention in the General Entries category (this was the first year that the Fair stopped awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes.)

She started life as a bait Pocket Pony found at Value Village.  I thought the pose would be perfect for an MGR custom, and I'd been dying to try one.

She was fully sculpted with Apoxie Clay - my first major work with that medium.  It's a joy to work with!  Very easy, very forgiving, and air drying, so you don't have to bake the pony.  It's also very strong and hard to break.  I added some jewels into the clay as I was molding it so that they would look inset on the finished product.

She was painted with Reaper Master Series acrylic model paints.  She's also the first MLP custom I painted to look like a real horse.  My roommate said the hair reminded her of a Spanish lady, and since I had based her colouring on an Andalusian the name seemed to fit.