Sunday, 19 May 2019

Con Prep

It's spring (allegedly), and that means con and toy sale season is beginning again.

I can't wait for the MLP Collectors Convention in July and the Canadian Collector Extravaganza in August (where I will no doubt be adding to my collection), but in the meantime, we're off to the Quinte Toy Force show May 26th in Belleville, Ontario.
Near-complete Spinnerella?  Yes please!
This will be the third time we've been vendors at a Toy Force show, but if it were possible, we would attend every one of their shows.  This is one of the best organized local shows I've sold at, with great communication from the showrunners, well-planned show floors, and always a great selection of vendors.  Also, it's a very civilized show, open from 10-4, giving the vendors ample time to get set up and tear down and be on our way again (we all have day jobs, and not having to take extra time off or give up an entire weekend really appeals to me).
This is the time of year when I think "why didn't I spend more of the unending winter prepping for cons?  Didn't I say I was going to do that?"  Well, it never works out as one would hope, but we will be arriving with a carload of great stuff anyway, including a few real gems.
Complete SSC dolls
Naturally, we're bringing mostly collectibles from our favourite franchises, which means MLP, SSC, MOTU, and POP, but we've also got some video game paraphenalia, LOTR, CPK, and various other things we've picked up along the way.  Hopefully it all fits on the table (not to mention in the car!)
Ponies, of course!  And there's more where that came from!
This will be a fun show. If you're in the area, I strongly suggest checking it out.