Sunday, 27 March 2011

MLP Fair Prep, Part 2

Just a short post this week.  I've been thinking a good deal about the upcoming MLP Fair, and already looking forward to the trip in July.

I've managed to get a few of the sale/trade Ponies cleaned up and ready for the Fair.  A nice group shot hides a multitude of flaws, but overall most of these actually look pretty good.  I'll have to get to work on pricing these sooner or later...more work!

There's still a tonne more sales/trade ponies in need of some TLC waiting their turn, too.  The next question will be how to fit everyone into the car for the trip down...


Sunday, 20 March 2011

The great Pony Room Reorg - volume 5

Things are not proceeding as quickly as I'd like.

So basically everything's still a mess.  There aren't enough hours in the day, especially as I'm working a fair bit of overtime lately.  A girl can only do so much.  However, a small amount of progress has been made.

I've got a new bookcase.  New to me, anyway, it's an old one from the living room and not in the best of shape.  It's been replaced, and the cast off has a new lease on life as a Pony shelf.  At the moment it's a catch all, but it will soon be displaying some of my collection.

And not a moment to soon.  I really need to get some stuff off the floor so I've got some space to move around and reorg stuff.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

A few favorites - part 4

I'm generally a sucker for any Custom Swap that involves literature, mythology, or the like.  So when Roselynn_Thornwood hosted a Mythology Swap on the Arena, of course I wanted to participate.

Roselynn was my partner and her list was all from Norse mythology, which is also a favourite of mine.  I decided to create a Freya Pony for her.

Freya was made of a Cherry Blossom bait, rehaired with Dollyhair Pumpkin Spice, Tigerlily, Golden Goddess, Caramel Cream, and Golden Sun.  Her eyes were repainted and I included the golden tears that Freya cries as she searches for her husband.  She is also wearing Brisings' necklace, which was created of gold paint and jewels.  Because Freya is the goddess of both love and war, her symbol is a sword with a heart-shaped jewel on it.

Freya is also known for her chariot pulled by Tabbycats, so naturally I included some friends for her.  The Tabbies were created with Apoxie Clay over a wire frame and painted with Reaper Master Series acrylics.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

A few favorites - part 3

When I finished my 100th custom I wanted to do something to mark the event.  So I held a free raffle on the Arena with the winner getting a custom of their choice.  KittyBethy's name was drawn as the winner and she designed a beautiful basic custom that I was happy to make.

Autumn Bloom is made from a Golden Delicious bait, rehaired with Dollyhair Pumpkin Spice and Deadly Nightshade.  Her eyes were repained.

I am particularly proud of her symbol, which was painted freehand.  I do enjoy floral symbols, but I tend not to actually do one unless it's requested by someone else (or it's a rose, I have a weakness for roses.)  Autumn is one of my favourite customs because of the symbol, and because I think KittyBethy really came up with a beautiful design.  It was a pleasure to bring her to life.