Saturday, 31 May 2014

Moar Fair Prep!

It's bath time, Ladies!
Probably a third of my Fair prep time is used in cleaning ponies.  :/

Some of these are "new recruits" that I've picked up second hand in the last year and haven't cleaned yet.  Some are from my own dusty collection, who have been replaced by upgrades (I'm not even going to get into the guilt associated with that process).  Some have lived in my trade box for a year (or more).  So there are varying degrees of cleaning going on here.

At last year's Fair, I discovered that many of my trade ponies had developed black marks in the luggage on the way down.  This had never happened before (using the same luggage for years) and I was not impressed.  Luckily, these marks came off easily.  I still have no idea what caused them, but the luggage will be lined with a sheet this year to hopefully prevent further mishaps.

At the very least, the girls need some salon time to fix up the horrible box hair they've developed over the year.  Some needed a more thorough clean, with Magic Eraser and dish soap, shampoo and conditioner.  A few had rust (the bane of my collector existence) and had to have their heads removed and insides cleaned out (not as traumatic as it sounds - despite Roomy's accounts).  I'm also mildly concerned that Lickety-Split seems to have developed some pretty effective cloning techniques.  There better not be four of her when next I go into the Geek Cave.
Dealing with this group (the G1s I'm bringing this year) took about three hours.  And I haven't even touched the G3s yet.  41 days to go.



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