Thursday, 24 January 2013

Elfpony goes back to G-Anime

Me giving a customizing panel at an earlier con.
Yes, this weekend in Gatineau it's G-Anime and the Ponies and I will be there again this year.  My panels for this year look like this:

Friday, January 25th:

Collecting 101 - 6pm - Three longtime toy collectors will discuss the basics of collecting such as pros and cons of joining an online community, knowing your prices, and knowing your varients.
Customizing - 8pm - I'll have a bunch of custom ponies with me and I'll be discussing the processes of restoring and customizing vinyl  toys.  Bring your questions.
Brony vs Collector - 10pm - DJ Midli and I will reprise our N2U panel discussing the differences between the old school Pony Collectors and the new wave Fans of FIM.

Saturday, January 26th:

Living the Creative Life - 12pm - I'll be joining two other creative types (Roomy among them) to discuss the work/creative life balance and what you have to do to get your vision realized.
Collecting 102 - 4pm - Three longtime toy collectors will discuss the more serious sides of collecting including watching your budget, dealing with negative feedback from non-collectors, and negotiating living space for your collection.
Villans of MLP - 5pm - A panel focussed only on the bad guys.

Hope to see you there!


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