Friday, 4 January 2013

2012: A Look Back

Seems the thing to do, this time of year.

2012 started out with a new job, and to celebrate, a new Pony as well: Brazil Heart Throb.  I had been saving up for this girl for awhile.  It's a slippery slope down into the Nirvana Pony world.  :P
Pony Room organization continued.  A proper door was added to the Pony Room to keep the kittens out.  I finally tackled the giant pile of backcards and packaging and got it organized.  I also got a bit further along in my quest to get everything photographed and catalogued (but there's always so much more to do!)

I did several commissions this year, including one for a good Brony friend, DJ Midli.  I loved doing the sculpt on this pony.  I always enjoy a major sculpt project, and I'm thrilled with how this one turned out.  But I'll also be glad when Hasbro starts putting out more boy ponies so I can just paint them to make a custom.
Of course, there was the annual trip to the MLP Fair, this year in Orlando in July.  No one was more surprised than I when my custom Starscape won first prize in the original creations category.  I'm really proud of this custom, but she was up against some tough competition, and it was a real honour to win.

The second half of the year saw lots of customizing, much of it with geek themes.  I sold many customs at Ottawa Geek Market and had a great time at that show.  I also took part in the Arena Halloween Custom swap, as usual.
I ended the year with not one but FOUR Holiday Displays showcasing each generation of MLP through December.  I also took part in the Arena Advent Swap for the 2nd year in a row, buying for the lovely Jemofirongate and receiving from the lovely Honeycomb.  What a great way to end out the year!
Jem's swap package, ready to go!
Just one of the great ponies I received from Honeycomb
What is coming for 2013?  Another great trip to the Fair with Roomy, more Pony Room organization, more Ponies, and more Customs.  Right then, let's get started...


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