Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Great Pony Room Debate

At a certain point last year Roomy and I decided that we would buy a house instead of continuing to rent.  Which means that we'll be moving later this year.  Which means we have to pack everything.  Which means I have to pack all the Ponies and take them off to a new Pony Room.  Which means I swore a lot at the thought.

I've never been totally happy with the Pony Room here, either incarnation of it.  One room was too small and crowded.  The 2nd room was plenty big, but had some big pieces of furniture that came with it and in some ways limited what I could do.  It also had no closet, and was in the mouse and spider infested basement.

So what can the Ponies look forward to in their new home?  Well the more we think about it, the more likely it seems that Roomy and I will be sharing a collection room.  Roomy is a MOTU/POP collector and has recently thrown herself wholeheartedly into her collection (read: she's buying a lot of stuff.)  A larger room will suit us both nicely.  We've even considered using the master bedroom as our collection room.  If it has an ensuite, even better (such ease of Pony cleaning!)

I'm also planning better ways of displaying the Ponies.  I'm thinking lots of wall shelves are the answer to have everything displayed in the best way possible.  The playsets will also be displayed, but closed on bookshelves this time.  That way everything's off the floor and kept clean.  I will have a dedicated display space, probably a small table, where I can showcase certain ponies and sets (you haven't seen the last of the Holiday Displays.)  There will also be space for the photo shoots needed to finish cataloguing the collection.

So many Pony little time.  Now to find a house.


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