Monday, 14 June 2010

Rainbow Echos

The challenge: create a custom that represents what the MLP Collector Online community means to you.  That was the theme of the custom pony contest put up to celebrate the MLPArena's fourth anniversary in 2007.  Rainbow Echos is what I came up with.

Rainbow Echos's main symbol is the G3 MLP symbol (chosen because the Arena started up around the same time as the G3 ponies first began to appear in stores.)  The rest of her symbols are the phrase "My Little Pony" in various different languages.  I polled the board asking people how to say My Little Pony in their own languages.  I've forgotten now all of the languages that are represented on her, but some are German, Greek, Italian, and French (both the Canadian "Ma Petite Pouliche" and the France "Mon Petit Poney.")  All her symbols were done freehand.  I did
my best to replicate the font used on the
MLP packaging.

Rainbow Echos' hair is based on the G1 Rainbow Ponies hair colours, but not an exact match.  I chose instead to go for darker versions of the colours, to give her a more bold look.  Her ribbon is a streamer, to celebrate the Arena's birthday.  (You can see what I mean when I say that by this time I was putting more thought into my customs, eh?)

Rainbow Echos came in second in her category of the contest, behind a custom made by AeraCura named Rainbow Memories.  She was a pink pony with the Original 6 G1 Collectors Ponies painted on her as TAF symbols.


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