Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Early Customs Part III

After the Valentine family customs I was really starting to wonder if I should continue customizing.  I was really quite happy with my early customs, but the more recent ones just hadn't turned out as I'd hoped they would.  But I decided to try once more, slowly this time.

I decided to try customizing G3s, which were still fairly new on the market, but by now showing up in second hand shops.  I'd try a series of 4 element ponies: fire, air, earth, and water.  I decided to look on this series as a reboot, a chance to learn and relearn some of the basics of customizing.

Comet (fire,) Skyshimmer (air,) Sprout (earth,) and Nami (water) helped me to expand my customizing horizons.  That sounds so cheesy.  But up until this point all of my customs had been, basically, based on Hasbro ponies.  Not always specific ponies but the basic look.  A TAF unicorn should have hair of one colour, with a narrow stripe of another colour because that was what Hasbro TAF unicorns looked like.  I really felt that my customs should look like Hasbro ponies and not deviate from that pattern.

G3s, on the other hand, didn't have that standard "this set looks like this" pattern that was so obvious in the G1s.  It gave me the opportunity to think outside the box, so to speak, and to try out some new looks.

Two ponies in this set were dyed, with varying results.  Two were rerooted using skipping rope fibres, one using hair donated from another MLP, one kept her original hair but had stripes dyed into it.  All three had their eyes retouched, but I still wasn't up to a full repaint.  One symbol I did using glitter gel pens, but the others were painted.  Overall, I was quite happy with them when I finished them, and I'm still pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Ok, so they don't look like much of a departure from the norm, but trust me, they did get me thinking about customs in a new way.  There would still be a few more customs that I wasn't really happy with the end result before I really found my footing and took my customizing to the next level.

More on that next time...

(see more of Elf's early customs on her DA page.)


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