Saturday, 26 June 2010

And Then There Were Ponyvilles

By this time, I had discovered that I had a talent for painting minute details and tiny symbols (and taking eye strain to the next level.)  The customizing community had discovered that Hasbro's new MLP line, Ponyville, could be customized.  Time to take it to the next step.

For those of you not in the know, the Ponyville line is made of hard plastic with molded hair and is about 4 cm tall.  They're actually a lot of fun to work with but they do require a steady hand, a tiny paintbrush, and a lot of patience, especially when working on the eyes and symbols.

Mostly I've done re-creations of full-sized Hasbro ponies, both G1 and G3.  I've done a few original creations as well, but I do find that working on such a small surface a bit limiting to creativity.  It's easier to copy a design smaller than to create a design on a 1 cm canvas.

Here are a few of my early Ponyville customs, known generally as "Chibis" in the community (chibi = the Japanese word for little.)  Enjoy. 


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