Monday, 14 June 2010

Of Swaps, and Holiday Ponies

With my 29th custom I got into custom swaps.  The idea behind these swaps is to pick a theme, to send in your specific preferences within that theme, and to create a custom based on your partner's preferences.  You then send off the custom you made and wait to receive the custom that your partner made in return.  It can be a really fun and rewarding experience.

Little Flurry was made for Ponyluv in the Ponyfinders Holiday swap of 2007 (not actually a custom swap, this was a gift swap in which I chose to include a custom.)  She was made from a DG fakie, painted with blue and silver snowflakes and given Dollyhair (DH) Moonlight and Bobby Blue.  She's a simple design.

Frosty is a bit more complex, and was made for the Arena Xmas custom swap of 2007.  She was given a gradient dye on her muzzle and legs.  Her hair was DH Cherry Pie, Sunlight, Poison Ivy, and Bobby Blue.  Her symbol was repainted, as were her eyes.

Heart's Flight was made for the Arena Valentine's Swap of 2008 for Midnight Echo.  She was also given a gradient dye to muzzle, ears, and legs.  She was rehaired in DH After Midnight, Fairy's Breath, and Virgin Snow.  Her symbol and eyes were repainted as well.

Candy Hearts was also made for a Ponyfinders gift swap (Valentine's obviously) for PrincessFireFly.  She was also made of a DG fakie given new eyes and symbols, and new hair in DH Virgin Snow.

 (see more of Elf's swap and Holiday customs on her DA page.)


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