Saturday, 26 June 2010

Night Rose

Night Rose was my 47th completed custom.  Originally, she was made with the intention of selling her.  Although I had plenty of compliments on her, no one was of a mind to part with their money at that time.  I imagine that if I were to offer her for sale again I'd be able to move her, but instead I decided to "retire" her, so she's remained in my collection.

Night Rose was made from a bait TAF Milky Way.  Her body was fully repainted, as were her eyes.  Her symbols were painted freehand, using the design on a dinner plate as inspiration.  All the painting on her was done in Reaper Master Series acrylic paint.

Her hair is Dollyhair Black Magick, a blend of Sea Nymph and Poison Ivy and a blend of Heart Throb and Cherry Pie.


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