Saturday, 3 October 2015

Restoration - BBE Sleepy Pie

I've had this BBE Sleepy Pie in my collection for several years now.  She's in near perfect condition with one exception: her symbols were nearly gone.  I've tried twice to upgrade her, but in both instances the new pony's condition was less than perfect.  Finally, I decided to repaint the symbols on my original Sleepy Pie instead.
There was enough of her original symbol left to use as an outline for the new symbols (in this case, the symbol was not so much faded as it had bled away into the plastic, leaving a pale pink aura around the original paint).  I aimed for a close colour match to the original, although mine is a bit darker.
Both symbols were repainted and sealed.  She seems a much happier pony now.



Commissions: 7 done, 1 to go
Rehair in progress: 1
Rehair in the queue: 3
Other customs: 1 in progress
Collection pictures uploaded: 31
Collection ponies cleaned: 9

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