Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy Halloween from Ponyville

I`ve been wanting to set up a Halloween display for ages now, but time always seems to get away from me.  Not this year!

Every year the Apple Family throws a Halloween party to celebrate the end of the harvest.  Everypony is invited, and everypony looks forward to dressing up for the occasion.
The Apples have hired Fluttershy to make sure all the best moments of the party are captured on film.  And the party is already hopping.
The dance floor is full.
The (not very mysterious) caterers have outdone themselves this year, with all manner of pies, treats, and anything else you could want for a Halloween party.  Of course, there`s plenty of candy for the baby ponies (and several of the older ponies with a sweet tooth).

Midnight Dream is telling fortunes, reading hooves, and entertaining everypony.
The Princess Costume contest is well underway (Some years it seems like everyone is a princess!)  Sunrise, dressed as Prince Charming, will choose the winner.  It might be his girlfriend, Green Apple.
Applejack is running the bobbing for apples contest, while talking like a pirate.  Pumpkin Tart is up first, but lots of other ponies are waiting for their chance.

The party will be going for quite awhile yet.  Later, after the babies have gone to bed, the bravest ponies will stay up for a classic horror movie marathon.  First on the line-up is The Horse on Haunted Hill.  Good luck getting to sleep tonight, ponies!
Happy Halloween!


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