Saturday, 17 October 2015

Let's talk Customs!

I'll be joining the cast of MLP Talks this coming Wednesday for an interview on customizing!  We'll be discussing everything from the basics of customizing to some deep questions about how the customizer fits into the wider MLP Collector community.  Please listen in if you can!

 I've also decided to slow down updates on my blog.  This is partially due to my own busy schedule lately, and partially because (as is often the case) I've been working mainly on commissions and gifts lately, which I'm unable to share on the blog until they're delivered.  I will aim to have updates posted approximately every two weeks (with some variation).


Commissions: all 8 finished!
Rehair in progress: 1
Rehair in the queue: 3
Other customs: 2 in progress
Collection pictures uploaded: 0
Collection ponies cleaned: 0

Preparations on new display...pending

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