Friday, 25 September 2015

The New and Improved Geek Cave Part 2

Here's an updated look at the Cave now.  Not pictures is Roomy's section, where all the MOTU people have fallen over (I'm told they've had a little too much to drink).
 On the (mostly) vintage side of the room, the ponies have some more room to breathe now.  This is good both because I have less worry of colour transfer between ponies, but also because now I can see everyone better. 
 I've stared arranging the G1s into family units rather than store sets.   I like displaying them this way.  It makes the whole thing more interactive in my mind because it's like having little stories laid out on the shelf. 
 On the modern side of the room, the G3s are slowly getting more spaced out as well.  I'm also matching up the families here.

I gained some extra display space above, for a few things that don't really fit elsewhere.
 The G3s and G4s are sharing space in a slightly more organized way now.
And finally, the main G4 space, in the closet.  The G1 Plushies are hanging out near Twilight's castle until the next giant castle arrives.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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