Saturday, 29 November 2014

Childhood collection

When I was 13 years old, I gave away my childhood ponies.  This was a mistake.
However, there are a very few things from my childhood collection that I still own, and I'm extremely pleased to still have them.  One of these is the Party Pack set.
For whatever reason, the majority of these accessories, as well as the box, remained in my possession when the rest of my collection was taken away.  The condition of this set can give you an indication of the condition of the rest of my collection when I gave it up.  I sincerely hope they ended up in some collectors' hands who appreciate them.  Because these are from my childhood and therefore special, I'm not looking to add the few items that I'm missing (aside from the ponies).  I want this to remain an "intact" childhood set.
Of interest, this set cost $26.99 Canadian when it was new in stores.  I got it from the now-defunct Toy City chain as a gift from my mom.


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