Friday, 7 November 2014

Living with a collection - Taking up Space Part 2

Previously when discussing living with a collection I talked about the physical space that a collection takes up.  This time I want to talk about another way a collection takes up space - mental space.
As a collector, it's only natural that you spend a good deal of time thinking about your collection.  Perhaps you're thinking about how to adjust your display space to accommodate new pieces.  Perhaps you're thinking about the latest piece you've acquired.  Perhaps you're just sitting there admiring your favourite piece.
There's nothing wrong with spending time thinking about your collection, talking about your collection, enjoying your collection - it would be stranger if you didn't.  But although you love your collection...sometimes your love for it might be a little overwhelming to those around you, especially when they're not collectors themselves.
When we love something, whether it's a book, a game, a show, or a toy, we want to share it with our friends.  Usually, our friends are happy to share our joy - up to a point.  Your enthusiasm can wear a bit thin, however, if you keep going on, and on, and on about something that those around you don't really share.  Even the best of friends don't always want to hear about your latest find.
Maybe this is why collectors seek each other out - online, at conventions, at shops.  There is a certain satisfaction in sharing your love for something with someone else who understands completely just how exciting it was when you finally added that hard to find accessory to your collection.



Collection ponies cleaned: 25
Collection ponies photographed: 25

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