Friday, 1 August 2014

Workspace woes

I looooooooove our new house (not so new to us after a year and a half) but there's one area that hasn't yet been addressed...the workspace.

Roomy and I have planned to share a workspace in the finished basement.  We have so many plans involving desks and computer setups and storage.  So far, none of it has been accomplished. Since we can both make do without the workspace we've prioritized other things, like couches, Geek Cave improvements, you know, the important things.  Soon, however, we will look at getting our furniture for the workspace.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you where I've been creating customs for the last several years (well before we moved).
Yep, that's it.  A couch, two folding tables, and a tv that's usually playing some variation of Star Trek (I need something to watch while I work, but not something that's so engrossing that I forget to work.  No Doctor Who or anything new).
I have a cupboard where I keep my supplies, which keeps them safe from the cats.  It should also keep them organized, but that ain't happening.

I am looking forward to having the proper space set up, where I can leave a few things out, or at least close at hand, rather than packing everything up each day to get it out of the way.  Soon...soon.


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