Saturday, 23 August 2014

New workspace!

After 7 years of working on two tv trays to create custom ponies, finally, FINALLY...

I'm so happy.  *sniff*

I still have the cabinet to keep supplies in, but I now also have a giant table on which to work (with a plastic table protector to keep the paint off).  I also have space for my little display case that I can keep WIPs in, rather than having to pack everything up at the end of a session.  Also, the table is significantly higher than two tv trays, so I can paint and sculpt tiny details to my heart's content without completely destroying my back bending over.

In addition, Roomy has a new computer desk and filing system for writing/editing on.  We both have white boards up in our spaces for brainstorming and bookshelves for storing reference materials.  We also have a brand-spanking new printer/scanner/copier (so beautiful!).

Soon we'll have posters and art up too, to inspire us.

I spent 7 hours working on customs today in this space, and I'm ready to go back.


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