Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dazzleglow Rehair

Remember a few months ago when I last talked about alternate rehairs?  I've finally found the time to finish the last one for my own collection.
Dazzleglow was looking a bit rough when I found her in the Value Village, but I was happy to get the blue heart variant of her.  I'm not really a fan of her original haircolours, so I didn't mind needing to rehair her.  My initial plan for her rehair was to use the blue hearts and yellow symbols as inspiration, but when I pulled out the matching hair, I didn't like the look at all.  Her body colour is a bit of an odd one, and it took a fair amount of staring at my hair colours to pick two that I thought worked with her.
She ended up being rehaired in Unlucky Clover and Sugarplum, which I think gives her a pretty cool look.  She's been able to rejoin the herd now, and doesn't stand out as the last bald pony.


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