Monday, 7 July 2014

Fair Contest Entry - Rodeo Applejack

Updating a bit late this week due to a road trip into a hurricane (ok, tropical storm) and a lack of power at the other end.  Now we're back home with just two days left before we leave for the MLP Fair!

In the meantime, I’m going to showcase my contest entries over the next two weeks on the blog.  For the first time, I’ve got an entry in both the Hasbro and General custom categories.
This week, I’m showing the Hasbro category custom.  Say hello to Rodeo Apple Jack!
Rodeo AJ’s base was a G3 Strawberry Swirl.  Her saddle, blanket, bridle, and award ribbon were made using Apoxie Sculpt.  She was given a full body repaint, and her new hair is Dollyhair Golden Delicious.
I tried to bring various elements of all the various Apple Jacks into this custom.  Her basic design is based off the G1 AJ.  As an additional nod to my favourite generation, her bridle and saddle are modeled after the G1 saddle and bridle that came with the Show Stable.  G3 Apple Jack is represented in her pose, as well as the checked pattern of her saddle blanket which mimic’s G3 AJ’s symbol.  Finally, G4 is represented by the hairstyle, as well as the concept of the custom – who was inspired by the FIM episode “”.  I had to give her the 1st place ribbon, though.
Hope you like her,

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