Saturday, 28 June 2014

Down to the wire - MLP Fair prep

It's only 12 days until the MLP Fair.

I've had to drop several projects that just won't get done in time, but overall the prep is going well.  The ponies are packed, the accessories are packed, and the booth decoration is nearly done.
G3 and G4s packed
This doesn't mean I've stopped panicking.  Oh no.  There's still tonnes of important stuff to do, like finishing my contest entries for the custom contests, getting signs made for the booth, printing all the tickets, planning our itinerary...the list goes on.
Now everybody's in there
The luggage is lined with a sheet this year, since last year the ponies got some black marks on them from the suitcase.  First time that's happened, hopefully the sheet will prevent a repeat performance.
So many accessories, with Wooley for size comparison
Roomy has to clean out the car, or everything is not going to fit.  And we need to do a mock-up of the booth to make sure everything goes together well.

We're not done yet!


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