Saturday, 14 June 2014

27 days to go and I'm still cleaning ponies

As the title implies, we're in full blown panic mode over here!
dirty G3 ponies
However, the G3 trade/sale ponies are now all shiny clean and ready for their new homes!

It's the bigger projects like this that worry me.  Rehairing customs I can get done here and there in the evenings after work.  Packing can get done here and there too.  But if I'm going to clean 50-odd ponies, I'm going to get it all done at once rather than dragging all my supplies out every couple of days.

I don't normally style my trade ponies' hair (other than to wrap it around their neck/leg to keep it tidy) but seeing as I had several G3 Pinkie Pies, I thought it might be fun to style one of them as G4 Pinkie Pie.  Well, at least it amuses me.  You can see her with her curlers in the upper right corner of the picture below.
clean G3 ponies
There's still the booth display to finish, customs to finish, and trade/sales stuff to organize and price.  One of these years I'm going to take a day off work before the Fair so I can get all this done!  ACK!


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