Friday, 29 November 2013

Further developments in the Geek Cave

When last we left our heros, they had managed to make the Geek Cave presentable for their housewarming party.  Presentable, but hardly finished...

Roomy: Is a collection room ever really finished?

Me: No time for philosophy!  To the Giant Ikea of Doom!  It's time to gather more shelves!

Roomy: Y'ok.

So off our heros trekked, and many hours later (many, many hours...who builds a store that takes up an entire postal code?) they returned home with two new shelves.  Let the shifting of the Geek Cave begin!

Roomy: Why is your Pony stuff in front of my MOTU stuff now?

Me: ...

Roomy: You're going to move that again, right?

Me: ...
Roomy continued to build Ikea shelves in the hallway while I relocated stuff in the Geek Cave.  Eventually, there was space for two new Billy bookshelves - one for playsets and one for more Ponies (replacing two sets of stacked cheaper bookshelves.)

Roomy: And my MOTU were freed again.

Me: They were fine.  They were having a great time hanging out behind another shelf.  Anyway, it kept them from throwing themselves off.

Roomy: Yeah, I need to do something about that.

And so slow progress continues to be made in the Geek Cave.  Join our heros again later in the month for Adventures in Holiday Decorating!

Roomy: Yay!


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