Friday, 6 December 2013

On displaying ponies, and the usefulness of risers

As evidenced by last week's post, we're in the process of slowly converting the shelving of the Geek Cave into Billy bookshelves from Ikea.  It seems that these are the preferred shelves of the Pony collecting community.  They're cheap, they're sturdy, they look nice, they're pretty easy to procure and put together (Roomy's an expert by now) and they work well as a display space.
But Ponies are small, and the shelf space is large.  How best to utilize your space?  Most collectors use risers of some type.  There are a great variety of risers available, from those you make yourself from rigid foam, to found items, to actual risers you can buy.  Here's a look at some of what I'm using.

I've seen some really great homemade risers, but I can draw a straight line with a ruler, never mind cutting one, so this is not the option I prefer.  I must admit I prefer the store bought plastic ones - these are usually intended to go into your kitchen cupboards so you can see what cans you have in the back - they are pretty much the perfect size for Ponies, but unfortunately they don't quite fill a Billy shelf.
To fill out the rest of the shelf, I turn to found items.  I still had quite a few old VHS tapes lying around in the basement, and these fit well into this little space.  Add some MLP packaging on top, and I can just about match the height and width of the riser shelves.
It's always good to have more Pony space.


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