Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pony Room Packup

Right, that's it, after this I'm never moving house again.

I have 500+ ponies, of all generations, not to mention most of the playsets created, accessories, merchandise, and customs.  And they've all got to be packed up because they're moving in two weeks!  Ack!

If you've seen any of my Pony Room Reorg posts you know the Pony Room's been a mess for...ever.  There's nothing like moving house to force some semblance of organization onto you.  Today I was down in the Pony Room trying to pack up some odds and ends preparatory to the big move.  Lots of ziplock bags were acquired for this, as it's a cheap and easy way of packing up the little bits and ensuring they won't be lost.
Now, unlike previous moves, the Ponies will not be living in boxes for months while the rest of the house is set up.  This isn't a hope, this is something I've taken steps to ensure.  The Ponies will actually be moving before the rest of the house, and a day has been set aside for this purpose.  Lucky for me I have an understanding Roomy, and also a local Pony collector friend who's willing to help. (I'll be returning the favour for her next year.)  But because the Ponies won't be in storage for a prolonged period, I'm not taking quite as many precautions in my packing (except for the customs, of course.)  More on that next week.

The question remains however...will the new Pony Room ever be properly set up?


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