Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pony Packing

Last week I mentioned that the Ponies would be moving, but they wouldn't be staying in boxes indefinitely while the rest of the house was organized.  The Ponies get to be out and about almost immediately after they reach thein new home.
This will be your new home, Ponies.
 Last move, we were going from one rental to another, and as is usually the case we lost possession of the old place at the same time as we gained access to the new one.  Needless to say, everything needed to be packed up and ready to go all at the same time and there were things (dishes, clothes) that were a higher priority than unpacking Ponies.  Knowing that the Ponies would be packed for an extended period of time, precautions were taken to limit the chances of damage incurred in the move.  The Ponies were packed standing up, with layers of white acid-free tissue paper between them.  Those who had hair/body colours that tend to bleed or bodies that were sticky (with the plasticizer beginning to leak out) were individually wrapped in the tissue to make sure they didn't stain anyone else.  And each box had silica gel packs inside to absorb moisture.

This time, we get possession of the new place a month before we need to be out of the old one, so we have the luxury of moving things before the actual move date.  And that's why the Ponies get to move into the new place before I do.  As a result, the Ponies are literally going to get dumped unceremoniously into boxes, carted over to the new place, and immediately stood out on shelves.  No ordering, just emptying of boxes and no worrying about damage during prolonged confinement.  The playsets, accessories, and merchandise can stay in boxes for awhile and organization can be a later project.


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