Saturday, 11 August 2012

The great Pony Room reorg - volume 15

OK, I'm back from the Fair, I've got time on my hands, and I want to play with my Ponies.  I've got my Fair swag to play with, and I've got the new G4 Castle.  Problem is, I have no room to play in.  The Pony Room continues to be a mess.
Finally, the desire to open three new playsets will force me to venture into the spider infested area known as the Backcard Graveyard.  It's time to CLEAN ALL THE PACKAGING!

I'm embarassed to admit that after well over a year of procrastination and ignoring that corner of the room, it took me less than 4 hours to do a real thorough clean up and organize of the G3/G4 packaging.  I kept the playsets close at hand to motivate me to finish the job.
I had all the back cards spread out and organized by size/type.  It was fun to go back through the G3 packaging and see all the changes that it went through.  I can't believe the G3s first came out almost 10 years ago!  Even the box of playset boxes came out to be organized!
 I even located the long-missing playset in the pile under the desk!
 And then it was time for lunch.
Finally, here's what all those backcards condensed down to.  The back cards fit into a Hasbro MLP shipping box, one of two that I got back in the hayday of my G3 buying.  That small box on the left is the shipping box that Dazzle Surprise arrived in - my first ever Mail Order Pony.
Finally, at the end of the day, everything was organized and packed away again, and I could actually get near the desk again!  Time to fill up the empty desk space with some Pony goodness!


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