Saturday, 25 August 2012

Starlight - a Nebula Pony

Shortly after I posted Starscape on the MLPArena I was commissioned for a similar custom.  After some discussion, Starlight came about.

 Starlight was fashioned from a Fluttershy.  As with Starscape, she was painted totally by hand.  She has been sealed with a slight gloss to bring out her colours.  Her hair is mostly Black Magick, with streaks of Pussycat, Moonlight, Fairy's Breath, Bobby Blue, Water Nixie, and Candy Kiss.

My customer let me know that her favourite nebula was a reflection nebula, and that is the one that appears on Starlight's display side.  A pink comet is on her non-display side.

I love doing the nebula customs, and hope to do some more in the near future.


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