Saturday, 18 August 2012

Accessory Junkie

As StarlightGaze mentioned on the MLPArena, a lot of us collectors will go in for the Malibu Stacy effect and pick up a new set just because there are new accessories.  No, I don't need a 12th Pinkie Pie, but she's got a new hat!

Well, I won't pick up a set just because it's got a new accessory (usually) but I will pick up a set with a new accessory if I'm after the pony for a custom.  I'm also an accessory junkie, so if I can use a custom as an excuse to get that new accessory, well why not?
OK, I know this set came out over a year ago, but I just got mine, so bear with me while I gush.  I know a lot of Collectors weren't thrilled with this set at all.  A lot of people felt that a cardboard castle wasn't worth the money, especially with only one of the two ponies being new.  I, however, was desperate to get my hands on this set.  As a Target exclusive, it didn't come to Canada, but I was fortunate enough to find someone on the MLPArena who was going to be at this year's Fair and was happy to pick up the two Canterlot Castle sets for me (thanks Mshesha!)

Why did I want this set so badly?  The accessories, of course!

Yes, I know a lot of these are just recolours of G3 Ponyville accessories.  But there are quite a few new (or at least new to me) accessories too.  And really, can you ever have too many pieces of cake or ice cream floats?  ;)
The telescope and the blue perfume bottle are my favourites in this room.
I'm not such a big fan of the mouse generally, and the pink one does nothing for me.  But I do love the ring and necklace.
It's a toaster!  Seriously, how fun is that?!?!  Pony toast!  I love the quirky accessories.  The cart is nice too.
The fridge from G3 Ponyville was a favourite of mine, but the fried eggs in the pan are the best thing in this room.
Glad I held off getting the other carriage set.  The jewels are cute, but not too useful.  I guess they'll fill the chest, if Spike doesn't have a snack first.
I love the piano, and the giant cake.  Didn't realize the top tier came off until I opened my Wedding Castle set - nice touch Hasbro.

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