Sunday, 4 March 2012

The great Pony Room Reorg - volume 11

It's not fun spending your weekend cleaning, even if it's cleaning in your hobby room.

But spending the afternoon dressing up THAT's fun!
 I've had an ongoing project for about 4 years now to catalogue my entire collection.  It's been one step forward and twelve steps back for a lot of that time, but progress is being made.
 In the MLP Arena Advent swap this year I received a tonne of Pony Wear (yay!)  And as I was organizing Pony stuff I kept finding bits and bobs of Pony Wear around the Pony Room.  I really didn't know what all I had.
 I decided to model the Pony Wear on Ponies for the purpose of cataloguing.  It doesn't always show off the outfits as well as just laying them out might, but it does make it a bit easier to see what every piece is (those fuzzy slippers aren't so easy to identify when they're not on a Pony.)
 Also, the purpose of the catalogue isn't entirely to show all the little flaws, but more as a visual aid, at least where it comes to Pony Wear.  I have a spreadsheet that I'm keeping in conjunction with the pictures, so the flaws can be listed there.
This dress and mask from the "Lights, Camera, Action" set are some of the few pieces of my childhood collection that I still have.


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