Saturday, 17 March 2012

MLP Fair 2012!

It's my favourite time of year - Fair prep time!  :D

The 2012 MLP Fair will be in Orlando this year, in July.  Roomy and I have our tickets to the Fair, and our hotel booked.  July seems ages away, but it'll come up fast, as always.  I think I could start prepping the day after the Fair and still not be ready for the next one.

 Last year's Fair prep involved hours and hours of cleaning sales/trades ponies that had been sitting around gathering dust since the year before.  I vowed that I would get a box big enough to hold all my sales/trades stuff so that it would be clean and ready to go at a moment's notice!

...We're going to need a bigger box.

Our booth display from 2010 - the Fair in Kentucky
Half the fun of Fair prep (at least according to Roomy) is creating the booth display.  Roomy is a master builder, she designed and built the main parts of our display for the last two years.  She is looking forward to this year too.  Normally we build something that links with where we're going, but this year we're thinking of bringing a little piece of Canada with us.

Of course, I'll also be bringing some customs to sell.  Some are older customs looking for a new home, some are still in the works.  You'll be seeing them soon, right here.


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