Sunday, 26 February 2012

The great Pony Room Reorg - volume 10

Now that the door is in place, I feel motivated to get moving on the Pony Room Reorg again.  So off to Ikea Roomy and I went!

My goal was to get a glass-doored display cabinet to house my custom Ponies, mainly the customs I've received from other customizers.  We'd made this trip before, but were stalled by the fact that the local Ikea was in the process of moving to a larger store and didn't have all their stock available at the time.  I was also on the lookout for some storage boxes to organize my accessories and other little pieces.  Just so we're clear, the trip wasn't all about me, Roomy was on the lookout for some storage solutions for her hobby room, too.

Somewhere around five hours later, we emerged from the Giant Ikea with flat packed furniture in tow and headed home to start building.

 Lucky for me, Roomy actually enjoys doing handy stuff like building furniture.  She had the new cabinet built and set up within an hour of our return.  I might also mention that, although within the budget, this cabinet was quite a bit bigger and more expensive than planned.  Well, at least it gives me room to grow.
Front Row: Evening Orchid and Supernal Sparkle, both by Pop-Girl; Back Row: Stevie and Elvina, both by Princess FireFly
The custom Ponies are enjoying their new diggs.  There are no fears of dust, ick, and spiders now!



  1. That cabinet looks great! It never hurts to have some room to grow. :)

  2. I'm sure it will be full before I know it! XD