Saturday, 17 December 2011

Holiday Display 2011 Part 5: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Every year all the Ponies of Ponyland gather in Dream Valley to celebrate the holidays.  But there's a lot of celebration and preparation involved before the big day.  This year's Holiday Display looks at how the Ponies prepare for their holidays, continuing in Friendship Gardens with the G2s and New Ponyville with the G4s...

Friendship Gardens sometimes doesn't get very cold in the Winter, so a lot of the Ponies are out enjoying the gardens and meadows.  They don't have to worry about warm clothes, at least not until they head to Dream Valley to play in the snow.
 Snowball and Secret Tale are on the lookout for snow, but I don't think they're going to see any in Friendship Gardens.
 It's handy it's so nice out, because some of the Ponies have taken the babies out to play in the playground.   Seabreeze and Morning Glory are keeping them occupied while some exciting things are going on back at the Castle.
 What could be more exciting than swinging as high as you can, though?
 Getting ready for the Holidays, of course!  Festivities has organized a decorating party to get the Royal Castle looking it's best!  But they've all stopped to see what Waterlily has brought.  It's the last of the toys for the baby Ponies, ready to be wrapped.
 The wrapping party is going on in Light Heart's bedroom.  Everything will be under the tree by the time the babies get back, except for the gifts that Santa will bring, of course.
 Meanwhile in the kitchen Petal Blossom and Berry Bright have been busy cooking up a storm.  It just wouldn't be the holidays without a great store of food and sweets!

Over in New Ponyville, the Ponies are having a little celebration of their own before they head to Dream Valley for the Great Celebration.
"Fluttershy, hurry up and...why is your house full of animals?"
"Oh, well, you know, Rainbow Dash, it got so cold so soon this year, and I wanted to make sure all the little animals had somewhere to stay!"
"So you brought a whole tree inside?!"
"Do you like it?"
 "C'mon, Apple Bloom!  We've got to get these apples over to the Town Square for the Party.  This is the last load of food we're takin.'"
"YAY!  Let's go, let's go, let's GO!"
 Meanwhile, at the Sweet Shoppe...
"Oh, and I need one of these, and three of these, and a WHOLE BUNCH of these!"
"Pinkie, do you really think you need to bring all these cakes and sweets?  It IS a pot luck, after all, I'm sure some other Ponies will be bringing some desserts too."
 The Ponies are beginning to gather in the Town Square.
"Now Sweetie Belle, I don't want you rifling through all those presents looking for yours!"
"Aw, Rarity, I was just looking."
 Twilight Sparkle has been showing the Princesses around New Ponyville.  Now they've arrived in the Town Square and soon the Party can begin!

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