Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holiday Display 2011 Part 4: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Every year all the Ponies of Ponyland gather in Dream Valley to celebrate the holidays.  But there's a lot of celebration and preparation involved before the big day.  This year's Holiday Display looks at how the Ponies prepare for their holidays, continuing in Butterfly Island and Unicornia with the G3s...

In the Crystal Rainbow Castle, the early risers are meeting over breakfast to discuss what's left to be done to get ready for the holidays.  They've already started decorating, but they're talking over what gifts to buy, especially for Rarity.
 Rarity might be the leader of the Unicornia Ponies, but she's still young enough to really look forward to Christmas morning.  This morning she might be sleeping in, but the excitement of seeing the gifts under the tree will get her up bright and early on Christmas morning.
 Over on Butterfly Island the Pegasi have also started decorating.  They have an unconventional Christmas tree, as Snow'el is explaining to her little turtle friend.
 The only snowflakes that the Ponies will see on Butterfly Island are snowflake decorations.  But Starcatcher is reassuring Honolu-loo that there will be plenty of snow to play in when they go to Dream Valley for the big Holiday celebration.
 Some of the other Pegasi are having a snack while they take a break from gift making.  Peachie Pie has been diving for shells that the Pegasi will string into necklaces for gifts to the Ponies in other parts of Ponyland.


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