Sunday, 11 December 2011

Holiday Display 2011 Part 3: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 Every year all the Ponies of Ponyland gather in Dream Valley to celebrate the holidays.  But there's a lot of celebration and preparation involved before the big day.  This year's Holiday Display looks at how the Ponies prepare for their holidays, continuing in Ponyville with the G3s...

 At the Celebration Castle the Ponies are looking forward to a visit from some of their Dream Valley cousins who are bringing them the gift of a Christmas tree.  Rainbow Flash and Misty Blue are planning out the visit over some tea and cookies.
Some of the other Ponies are busy getting the decorations ready for the tree's arrival.  It looks like they've got their work cut out for them, especially since Royal Beauty offered to babysit today while the Mommy Ponies do their Christmas shopping.  It looks like just about everypony has taken her up on her offer.
 It looks like at least one Mommy Pony has other plans for the day, however.  Chilly Breezes is going to hit the slopes with her friend Tobbogan.
 The baby Ponies have decided to play hide-and-seek.  Or is that just an excuse to hunt for hidden presents?  They'll never tell!  Pink Sunsparkle is "it" and has just finished counting to 100.  Ready or not, here she comes!
 It seems likely that Candy Cane is going to find the first hidden baby Pony though, while she's up in the towers hanging decorations.
In downtown Ponyville, things are just as hectic.  At the Frilly Frocks Boutique Sew-n-So and Frilly Frocks are working hard to make sure everypony's orders are ready in time for the holidays.
 Velvet Bow certainly seems happy with her new hat and scarf
 And their sister-store, the Celebration Salon is just as busy!  Ponies are coming in for hair appointments as well as to look for gifts of jewelry for their friends.  Amberlocks and Dallidazey are run off their hooves.
 Down the street, the Bloomin' Blossoms shop is crowded with Ponies shopping for supplies for their baking and plants to decorate their houses.  Meadowbrook can hardly keep up with the demand.
 Meadowbrook has hired Winter Wish to offer popcorn to the Pony shoppers on the streets in order to drum up some business, but it doesn't look like she needed to worry!
 It's a good thing there are snacks on the street, though, because the Cotton Candy Cafe is closed for the day!  The bakers are all busy filling orders for the upcoming parties.  The Cafe is practically bursting with cakes, pies, and candies, and the Ponies are just getting started.
 Cotton Candy is keeping track of everything and packing up the orders while Port-o-Bella is running the finished orders around Ponyville.
Chocolate Chipper has been baking all day and Lickety Split has been decorating.  She's just finished her masterpiece.


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