Sunday, 14 August 2011

Maneki "Lucky" Ponies

Well, after literally a year of having these posted on my sales page as a "coming soon" item, I'm finally doing a post dedicated to the Maneki Ponies.

Are you familiar with the "lucky cats" that are often seen in Japanese stores and restaurants?  These tiny pony models are based off of those.

I started out making tiny copies of Maneki Cats with bits of Apoxie Clay that I had left over at the end of sculpting projects (waste not, want not.)  I was copying the Maneki Nekos because I have a small collection of them.  My Roommate suggested I try making a pony version and this is where we've ended up.

Maneki Ponies are made of solid Apoxie Clay, painted in acrylics, and sealed with Mod Podge.  The originals varied in size quite a bit, but more recently I've standardized their sizes to something close to the larger versions you see here.  Sizes will vary slightly.
G4 Cheerilee for size comparison only: not for sale
I'm offering these for sale, as well as taking commissions on them.  For the commissions I will do either Hasbro-based (any generation) or personas.  Maneki Ponies are $5 USD each or 3 for $12.  Shipping is included in the price.  You can see more pictures, and premade Maneki Ponies that are available for purchase, on the Maneki Pony page.



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