Maneki Ponies - For Sale and Commissions Open

Are you familiar with the "lucky cats" that are often seen in Japanese stores and restaurants?  These tiny pony models are based off of those.

I started out making tiny copies of Maneki Cats with bits of Apoxie Clay that I had left over at the end of sculpting projects (waste not, want not.)  I was copying the Maneki Nekos because I have a small collection of them.  My Roommate suggested I try making a pony version and this is where we've ended up.

They are created from Apoxie Clay, hand painted and sealed.  Because they are often made from leftover bits of clay I have during sculpting projects, their sizes may vary.  Newly commissioned Maneki Ponies will be closer in size to the larger versions you see below (unless they are babies.)  I am open for commissions on these, either Hasbro-based or Personas.  $5 USD each or 3 for $12, shipping not included.  Email at Elfpony @ or contact me on the Arena for commissions.

 Maneki Ponies for sale
 Maneki Ponies for sale

 G4 Cheerilee for size comparison only - not for sale.

G1 Surprise, Firefly, Heart Throb - for sale
 G1 Applejack, Baby Bowtie - for sale
 G1 Majesty, Glory, Mimic - for sale
 G1 Lemon Treats, Sugar Apple - for sale
 G4 Twilight Sparkle - for sale
G2 Sky Skimmer - for sale
 Maneki Neko and kitten - for sale

G1 Sweet Stuff and Powder - gifted
 Persona commission for Roogna
Persona commission for Roogna