Sunday, 29 May 2011

To tide you over

It's Sunday, May 29th and if all goes according to plan I'm at Anime North right now.  I'll be posting how the con went shortly but in the meantime while I'm running about in the dealer room buying cute round Anime plushies that I don't really have space for but can't resist, here's a new custom for your perusal.  You met this happy little critter as a work in progress a few weeks ago, now say hello to the finished product.

My Little Cthulhu:

Her big round golden eyes seem to say that she just wants to give you a hug.  Don't mind the claws.

Claws, wings, tentacle hair and nose tentacles are all sculpted in Apoxie Clay.  Paint is Reaper Master Series, custom mixed for the colour.  She has painted highlights and lowlights, mostly on her tentacle hair and also gold spackling all over.  She is not for sale (OMG, Elf actually made a custom for herself!?!) but she came with me to Anime North and will be making an appearance at the MLP Fair in July as well.  Hope you like her.


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