Saturday, 7 May 2011

MLP Fair Prep, Part 4

Ooooo-kay.  It's really time to get to work here.  July is just around the corner.

Custom contests: I'm a little sad there isn't a theme specific category this year, but there are still the Hasbro inspired and general categories.  I'll defintely be entering the general category.  So far I have no plans for the Hasbro category, but there's still time.
Anniversary Trio - 2nd place in 2008 MLP Fair Anniversary Custom Contest

Art contest: it's been several years since I entered this one, but I'm working on a piece for this year's.  Hopefully it'll turn out as nicely as Moondancer did.
Moondancer - 2nd place in 2007 Hasbro-Inspired Art Contest
Parade of Booths: Roomy and I have only just started planning the set up for our Booth this year.  What I can say is that we'll be mixing MLP items with handmade structures, hopefully creating a scene that will give people a few chuckles if nothing else.  We certainly had fun building last year's booth display.
Our handmade "Winner's Circle" display - 2nd place in 2010 Parade of Booths
There's also a lot of general prep that needs to happen before we head off to RI.  I have my binder of previous customs work to update, a new banner for the front of the table to print, and an autograph book to hunt up (how I manage to lose that thing every year between Fairs is a mystery to me.)  It doesn't matter how early I start, it always comes down to the last second crunch in July.


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